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Health and Wellbeing

What’s in the Health and Wellbeing Zone?

The Vardy Foundation Health & Wellbeing Zone at Beacon of Light promotes well-being for all our visitors — providing both youngsters and adults with opportunities to learn about good health through classroom teaching and physical exercise.

We focus on all aspects of health improvements for the north-east community, including physical and mental fitness. With the assistance of health specialists, we’ll make sure everyone receives the right guidance and support to establish lifelong habits that will promote well-being and improve long-term health.

Beacon Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning specialists, supporting athletes and teams in pursuit of their goals. Delivered by highly experienced Head Coach Scott Pearce.

Private, small group and team training available.


Sano Physiotherapy

Sano Physiotherapy offer private physiotherapy treatments for a wide range of ailments from their dedicated units within the Beacon of Light.

Services available at the unit include initial physiotherapy assessments, sports massage, 1-2-1 Pilates and acupuncture, all delivered by experienced, fully qualified physiotherapists.

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