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Fire Safety

Fire Risk Assessments and Evacuation Procedures are available for the Beacon of Light. The Evacuation Procedure contains information to be followed by visitors in the event of a fire. Evacuation fire notices are situated in the stairwell on each level throughout the building. A Fire file entitled ‘information for the Fire Service in the Event of a Fire’ is located at Beacon Reception.

Important always remain vigilant. Carry out a visual check throughout your time at the Beacon and ensure that the fire equipment is fit for purpose and that escape routes and corridors are kept clear. If you are concerned about any aspect of Fire Safety relating to the building inform a member of Beacon staff immediately

The Beacon of Light is a no smoking, no vaping building. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area adjacent to the bike storage to the front of the building.

Fire Evacuation

In the event of a fire, the following action should be taken immediately

  1. Set off the alarm if it has not already been triggered
  2. Contact the Beacon of Light Duty Manager
  3. The Duty Manager will telephone 999 to raise alarm with the Fire Brigade
  4. Beacon Fire Wardens will direct you to the Fire exits
  5. Evacuate the building using the nearest exit and make your way to the designated assembly point to the front of the building adjacent to the bike storage area.
  6. Do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.


We take safeguarding really seriously at the Beacon. Unfortunately, some of our participants are not allowed to have their pictures taken, so in order to keep them safe and to comply with GDPR, photography and video in the Beacon is prohibited unless carried out by a verified Foundation/Beacon employee/volunteer, on a device registered to the Foundation/Beacon, and all written consent forms have been received in advance.

Sometimes it might be possible to record a session if you have a valid reason (like you need evidence for a qualification etc) but you must get permission in writing from the Duty Manager, before you take any recordings. Anyone found to be taking unauthorised photographs/videos will be asked to delete all images in the presence of a Foundation/Beacon member of staff.

Occasionally the Beacon holds public events where photography may take place en-masse. On such occasions, yellow posters will be displayed around the building, so if you don’t wish to have images/videos taken of you, contact a duty manager.

Beacon of Light public photography and filming notice.

If you have any queries or concerns, or if you witness anyone taking images, please speak to a Duty Manager.

The Beacon offers free Wifi to all our visitors.

For specific event Wifi, please contact our Events Team or call 0191 5634818 for further details.

We only allow guide dogs and hearing dogs.

We accept all major cards for payments.

From 1st July 2007, smoking has been banned in all enclosed public spaces. Anyone found smoking in the venue will be asked to leave.

There is a Reception Desk within the Beacon of Light’s Street Level.

Our team will do their best to answer your questions and can provide information about the venue, events and bookings.

We keep lost property for one month. If you have lost something at the Beacon of Light, please contact us.

From beautiful beaches and countryside, to theatres,  museums and galleries, there’s plenty to see and do in Sunderland.

Visit www.seeitdoitsunderland.co.uk for the full list of attractions on Wearside.

There is a free ATM/cash machine located at Black Cat House (Sunderland AFC’s Ticket Office) which is around a five-minute walk from the Beacon of Light.

Alternatively, the closest banking facilities are at Tesco Sunderland Extra, Newcastle Road, Sunderland, SR6 0DA.

The Beacon of Light is easily accessible for visitors and their personal assistants. Parking is adjacent to the venue with dedicated accessible spaces and there is ramp and lift access to all over our rooms and internal spaces with accessible toilets on site.

Accessible parking is available to the front of the Beacon through a visually controlled barrier – blue badges must be shown on entry to site.

All parking for the Beacon of Light is accommodated for in the Stadium of Light main car park (green parking). Accessible parking is available to the front of the Beacon through a visually controlled barrier – blue badges must be shown on entry to site.

The service yard to the rear of the building is for delivery purposes only. The hard standing to the perimeter of the Beacon building is the main emergency access route to the building and under no circumstances should this be blocked.

If you are hosting an event at the Beacon you and your guests may be allocated a specific car park for the duration and this will be confirmed by our Events Manager.

On Sunderland AFC home matchdays parking restrictions are in place. Please see www.safc.com for further details.

If you are using a satellite navigation system, the Beacon of Light’s postcode is SR5 1SN.

Visit our Getting to the Beacon page or check Google Maps to plan your journey to the Beacon of Light.

The Beacon of Light uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If you have a complaint please contact our Duty Manager in person, call 0191 5634818 or contact us online.

The Beacon of Light welcomes babies to be breastfed in any public area of our premises and a mother who is breastfeeding will not be asked to move or stop breastfeeding.

We understand that some women prefer privacy when breastfeeding and a room will be allocated on request to allow a mother visiting us to breastfeed in private.

We have bike stands located near the Beacon’s main entrance. The stands are for push-bikes only, not motorcycles.


If your chosen date is available the Beacon of Light will place a provisional hold on your selected date and areas for two weeks.

Your provisional hold will be followed up by a member of our Events Team and will be removed if not confirmed.

We would be more than happy to show you around the Beacon of Light prior to booking your event.

Site visits are by appointment only to ensure specific spaces are not in use.

Please contact Events Team or call 0191 5634818 to book a visit in advance.

Our classrooms are door to window (length) 7.83 metres and whiteboard to wall (width) 8.7 metres approx.

They can fit a maximum of 54 seats depending on the chosen layout.

If you hire a classroom the furniture is included in the cost. If you require furniture for the Indoor Arena then this must be hired externally at an additional cost.

Please contact our Events Team or call 0191 5634818 for further details.

The Indoor Arena is 60.22 metres by 35.42 metres approx (2,084 metres²).

The Beacon of Light is open from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

PLEASE NOTE: Timings can be altered for events but security would be required at an additional charge and in communication with the Events Team.

The Indoor Arena can accomodate a maximum 3,000 standing depending on set up.

Depending on the event we can seat between 600 to 800 people.

Please contact our Events Team or call 0191 5634818 for further details regarding exhibition sizes and capacities.

The hire cost of the Indoor Arena is inclusive of all three courts, Service Yard drop off, bleacher seating and carpet laid prior to set up (depending on event).

We advise all clients to take out event specific insurance prior to their event.

The Indoor Arena has a maximum unit distribution load (UDL) of 5 Kilonewtons (kN) per metre².

The Indoor Arena will need to be carpeted for events. The colour is dark grey and will be set up by our Events Team prior to the event.

Set up and de rig days must be organised prior to booking the event – this will be handled by our Events Team and both will incur an additional charge.

If you do not book alternative dates for de rig, then the venue must be cleared by 10pm of your final booked day.

The Beacon of Light has a dedicated Service Yard at the rear of the building with all event deliveries arrive there.

Please contact our Events Team or call 0191 5634818 for further details.

Our service yard is a drop off point for heavy goods and equipment but all vehicles must be removed after unloading.

Unfortunately, the Beacon of Light does not allow external catering, but we do have two preferred suppliers on site depending on event attendance.

Please contact our Events Team or call 0191 5634818 for menu options.

Any alcohol must be ordered through our on site caterers.

The Beacon of Light does not allow any open flames.

The Beacon of Light is home to Fausto Coppa which offers offers a vibrant yet comfortable environment for everyone.

Come and enjoy our award-winning salad range, selection of freshly-prepared sandwiches, paninis, wraps and soups and hot drinks.

Whether you want to sit and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere or grab a quick bite and a coffee to go, Fausto Coppa is for you.

The Beacon of Light is a community building, however members of the public are only allowed to access designated areas such as the Street Level and stairwells.

If you have privately hired a room or the Indoor Arena there will be no public access to your event.


The Beacon of Light houses a 4G Football Barn capable of hosting 7-a-side and 5-a-side games, six outdoor 3G 5-a-side pitches, two multi-use games areas and a versatile Indoor Arena which can also host national sporting competitions including Netball, Futsal, Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton.

Training shoes (Indoor Arena), moulded soles or astro boots (outdoor 3G pitches and 4G Football Barn) are considered acceptable footwear.

Screw in studded footwear or blades are not permitted.

The safety of our participants and customers is of primary concern to us and during the construction process we took advice from The FA, Sport England and professional bodies to ensure our 3G pitches meet the highest industry standard specifications.

Foundation of Light, the official charity of Sunderland AFC, runs sports courses for children aged 0-14 years.

To view all available courses, visit www.foundationoflight.co.uk.

Please contact Foundation of Light’s Inclusion Coordinator Kevin Darke on 0191 5634746, email kevin.darke@foundationoflight.co.uk or visit www.foundationoflight.co.uk to find out more about disability sports courses.