Students, parents and carers

Embedding strong foundations


Students are at the very heart of our school, and we are passionate about embedding strong foundations and values for their future achievement and success.

We recognise that every student is an individual and celebrate this through personalised, inspiring and authentic learning experiences which are carefully designed to nurture talent, build character and help to shape futures.

The Beacon of Light School caters for students between the age range of 13-16 in Years 9, 10 and 11. 

our aim is to offer young people a chance to shine and help them find their way back into long-term education and we encourage commissioning schools to select their students on this basis.

The Beacon School specialises in supporting young people where assessments and supporting evidence clearly demonstrates the young person:

  • Has one or more areas of significant concern where disaffection with mainstream education is evident including habitual school refusers, non-attendance as the result of school phobia or emotional and behavioural difficulties that have seriously impeded school attendance;
  • Would benefit from alternative provision intervention to support their reintegration back into mainstream education;
  • Is finding it difficult to respond positively to existing behaviour strategies and plans and there is evidence of acceleration in the nature and/or frequency of the incidences of inappropriate behaviour;
  • Has a statement of Special educational needs or a Statutory education, Health and Care Plan which names the Beacon of Light School;
  • Is at risk of exclusion or are excluded from mainstream academies or schools.


We aim to create an inspiring journey of self-discovery in an environment that promotes the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and relationships by setting high standards of behaviour, inclusion and engagement.

Mike Redshaw, Deputy Principal


Parents and Carers

The Beacon of Light School places great importance on its relationship with students and their parents and carers. our approach is one of shared aspirations and mutual goals.

It is important to us that we involve and engage parents and carers throughout each child’s learning journey. By working closely together in partnership we can better support each young person’s development and progress.

our approach is a collaborative one designed to build positive and strong relationships and involves parents and carers in helping to make the key decisions about their child’s future.

We encourage parents and carers to become active participants in school life, welcoming them into school and valuing their insights and contribution.

We strongly believe that parents and carers who take a keen interest and play a strong and supportive role in their children’s learning can significantly improve achievement, behaviour and transform their life chances.

By working closely together in partnership we can better support each young person’s development and progress.


Our Principal Partners