Corporate Social Responsibility

Unique answers to your community issues

What does your organisation stand for? How is it aligned to the local community? How do your stakeholders feel about the broader impact of your organisation? Demonstrate you care and get excellence social return on investment by letting Foundation of Light demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility.

We can help you develop a strategy that enhances value, integrates stakeholder aspirations, and meets social and business objectives, helping you become part of the community in which you operate.

For a more straightforward approach to CSR, we have a number of programmes and initiatives available for sponsorship which would see your brand linked to a particular area of our work.

As well as focusing on ‘external’ strategies and initiatives our team of specialists can help develop CSR in a way that has a direct impact on your business including:

  • Employee and staff family engagement improving health and wellbeing, staff motivation, confidence and more
  • Employability, lifeskills and Workforce development 
  • Ethical recruitment targeting young people not engaged in education, employment or training


Why bespoke Corporate Social Responsibility with Foundation of Light?

  • Bespoke CSR packages supported with guidance, delivery and publicity
  • Work with a professional organisation trusted within the North East and throughout the UK
  • Measurable, visible impacts to your local community demonstrating social return on investment (SROI)


To find out how you can achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility, please contact us.


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