Why the Beacon School?

First-class track record and reputation

The Foundation of Light has a first-class track record and enviable reputation for its pioneering and life-changing education programmes.

The charity founded the Beacon of Light School to operate as an alternative provision Free School as part of an ambitious new £19m education and sport Centre of Excellence in Sunderland.  

The Beacon of Light School will welcome and cater for students aged 13-16 years who are experiencing challenges in mainstream education. During their time in our care our team of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff will create individual and innovative learning programmes that are as unique as each student and designed to inspire, excite, motivate and re-engage each young person.

By encouraging our students to want to learn more, do more and be more we can unlock their true potential, increase confidence and self-esteem, and promote personal growth, in a safe, respectful and supportive environment.

The Beacon of Light School is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning and relationships and demands high standards of behaviour, inclusion and engagement as well as personal and collective responsibility.

Our experienced educators are passionate about developing lively and inquisitive minds and are keen to communicate and engage with parents, extended families and the wider community.

Our School doesn’t just deliver core curriculum subjects such as English, maths, science and ICT but takes a more rounded and holistic approach to each student’s individual education, personal development and wellbeing needs. Our educators passionately believe in the power of education to change and enrich all lives.

Our pragmatic approach to learning also considers the future employability prospects of each student from day one to ensure every young person leaves our care with the right qualifications and skill-set that employers are looking for.

From 2018, the school will be located in the Beacon of Light and enjoy being part of a world class learning and life-affirming environment.

The Beacon will fuse together sport, education, the world of work and health and well-being like no other place in the UK.

The school takes a holistic approach to meeting each student’s individual educational, personal development and wellbeing needs.

To find out how puplis can Learn More, Do More and Be More at the Beacon of Light School, download our Prospectus.


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