A curriculum to engage and motivate

Our curriculum is focused on providing a range of experiences that will engage, motivate and develop transferable skills in the areas we know employers want, alongside the essential qualifications required to equip our students for a brighter future including pathways to further and  higher education.

We offer the highest quality academic  and vocational routes, supported by prestigious employers and endorsed by business. By aligning workplace qualities within a curriculum context all our students acquire valuable skills as their ‘employability passport’ so that they are fully prepared for the next exciting stage  of life’s learning journey.

Our syllabus includes English, maths, science and ICT as core elements, a vocational offer linked to the world of work, and a personal development curriculum – all of which will be tailored by staff to meet the differing needs of our changing cohort of students all our students acquire new skills and a positive way of thinking to help them reengage with a constructive and affirmative education experience and pathway. Our curriculum options provide students with the opportunities to progress along a number of possible pathways as they move into education or training post-16.

Our goal is to offer every young person a chance to shine and help to find their way back into long-term education. We aim to return students to their commissioning school and reasons for referral will be addressed through tailored programmes to support their reintegration. For example, communicating with adults, building resilience, reflecting on their behaviour, with a focus on individual programmes to support their social, emotional health and wellbeing.

All of which fits perfectly with our shared Foundation and Beacon of Light values of Learn more, Do more, Be more.

For more detailed curriculum information, view our Curriculum Offer or contact our Assistant Principal, David Hewson at

Our goal is to offer every young person a chance to change and help them find their way back into long-term education.


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