Providing students with a brighter future

The beacon of Light School welcomes students aged 13-16 years by referral from partner schools and education providers.

Our students are likely to be young people who feel like they are on the margins of a mainstream school. They are possibly young people for whom life beyond school is an enormous challenge which could be due to family or personal circumstances or situations they have become involved. The standard provision will be a 12 week full-time placement for students in  Years 9 - 11.

Our admission goals:

  • Year 9 - students will be successfully reintegrated back into their mainstream school after a time with the necessary skills, attitude and motivation to successfully embark upon their Key Stage 4 curriculum with renewed motivation and confidence.
  • Year 10 or 11 students will be inspired and encouraged to become re-engaged with their learning through exposure to creative vocational and work based experiences that will enable them to achieve success in academic and vocational courses.
  • In Years 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to experience first-hand the real life world of work and to acquire valuable employability skills working with our unique network of business partners.

The Beacon of Light School will operate an admissions process that supports schools, academies and local authorities to accommodate youngsters who are in need of alternative educational provision and who would benefit from an alternative learning placement.

The young people who attend the Beacon of Light School will in the main be dual registered and so they will remain on the roll of their host school or academy.  The Beacon school will work in partnership with commissioning organisations (schools, academies, local authorities) to ensure that all our young people will benefit through  improved outcomes, re-engagement, focus and renewed aspiration as a result of a clear pathway for the future. 

Carefully planned transition, curriculum continuity and appropriate re-integration are key features of admissions to the Beacon of Light School.

Whilst being its own admissions authority, the Beacon of Light School will work closely with local authorities so that it operates in a way that is consistent with the admissions Code and all local arrangements and protocols including Fair Access and Managed Moves.

Education empowers and elightens and we are dedicated to inspiring young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and work ready, responsible citizens.

Lindsay Howells, Assistant Principal / SENCo


Number of Places

The Beacon of Light School will initially open in 2016 with 40 places (16 places at KS3 and 24 places at KS4) and this number will rise to 80 full time equivalent places by 2019 (potentially made up of full time and part time places).

The school will move into the Beacon of Light in September 2018.

The standard provision will be a 12-week full-time placement for students in Years 9 - 11.


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