Disability Programmes

In-school disability coaching and awareness

Our specialist disability coaching team, Making Moves, provides opportunities for thousands of youngsters and children who have a wide range of disabilities such as Down's Syndrome, autism, aspergers, hearing impairment, visual impairment and wheelchair users to take part in a variety of sports and activities.

Making Moves improves participation, attainment, social skills and people's attitudes towards disabilities and sessions can be focused on coaching disabled pupils, working with non-disabled pupils to build awareness while helping teachers understand how to include disabled pupils in non-disabled sessions.

Each programme is not only tailored to the requirements of each school but, more importantly, to the needs of each youngster involved.


Early Moves & Basic Moves

Sessions help develop participants' gross motor skills, balance, coordination and technique depending on age, ability and the group being worked with.

Sessions can be delivered in-school and as separate sports specific after-school clubs.


Sign Language Coaching

This accredited course introduces non-disabled pupils to basic sign language through a mix of classroom and activity based sessions with the aim of increasing inclusion within the school and community.


Multi-sports Sessions

Each session provides young people with a range of disabilities the opportunity to try and participate in a range of sporting activities such as Football, Tag Rugby, Boccia, Polybat, Table Cricket, Volleyball, Netball, Table Tennis, Athletics and more.

Learners will develop the basic skills needed to take part in each sport, progressing to small-sided games and matches.


Learning Difficulties League

The Learning Difficulties League gives young people and their key workers the opportunity to take part in competitive football on a regular basis. The programme improves participants' attitude and social integration and is provided for young people in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.


Disability Football Development Fund

Sessions provide access to quality Football-specific coaching in the standard format or small-sided games such as Futsal. The 20-week programme is aimed at young people and adults from the age of 12 upwards and provides affiliation fees, an opportunity for a volunteer or member of support staff to access an FA Level 1 Coaching Award and an FA Coaching Disabled Footballers course.


Disability Awareness

This programme is delivered to either non-disabled participants or young people with a range of abilities and needs to create awareness of the challenges facing those with disabilities. Using sport and play as a contex, youngsters explore how to include those with disabilities.

Sessions can be delivered to local clubs or groups as a way of helping them become more inclusive in their coaching with the opportunity of achieving a EDI Level 1 in Disability Awareness at the end of the programme.


Mental Health Awareness

Pupils are introduced to the concept of mental health and increase their understanding of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia as well as how to maintain good mental health.


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