Sport & Play

Increasing participation in sport

The Beacon will become a Centre of Excellence for a total of seven sports with the versatility of the venue allowing participation from grassroots to professional level. From giving youngsters their first chance to take part in a sport, to hosting international competitions, the Beacon of Light will provide a sporting opportunity with few equals across the country.

Through the Beacon of Light we will be able to deliver Sport and Play objectives in Play; and Player/Coach and Teacher Development.

The Sport and Play zone will increase participation in sport across the region giving people access to affordable, high-quality facilities, tuition and support at a central location. A Coaches’ Clinic will be based there, helping expand the quality of sports coaching regionally impacting thousands, and leadership in sport will be developed with younger generations creating a lasting coaching legacy.

Through play, the Beacon of Light will help people develop physically, socially and personally, improving their health, outlook and attitude.


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