Health & Wellbeing

Creating happier, healthier, families

We will provide adults and youngsters with opportunities to learn about, and improve, their health through a combination of classroom teaching and physical exercises. We will focus on overall health improvements for all members of the community delivering outcomes in fitness, wellbeing and mental health, bringing together health specialists to ensure national and regional objectives are met.

Through the Beacon of Light we will be able to deliver Health and Wellbeing objectives in Diet and Nutrition; Exercise and Fitness; Healthy Lifestyles; Mental Health; and Substance Misuse.

The Health and Wellbeing zone will help people understand their own physical and mental health, and the health of those around them. It will also help them understand what affects their health and equip them with the knowledge and skills to establish lifelong habits that will improve their overall wellbeing.

It will also give people a true understanding of how alcohol and substance misuse can affect their health, allowing them to make better informed life choices.


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