What will it do?

An opportunity for everyone to share

Foundation of Light uses the power of football to involve, educate and inspire thousands of young people and their families across the north east each year through a broad range of innovative and award-winning programmes.

The Beacon of Light will help us extend our reach and expand our pioneering programmes to reach an even bigger audience.

The unique centre will be the first of its kind in the country and will include engaging and interactive zones in education; health and fitness; sport and play; and the world of work welcoming over 300,000 people though its doors every year.

The Beacon of Light will be a flagship development, designed to positively promote education, well-being and sport and inspire local people to achieve more as well as being a venue for events which will support the City of Sunderland's visitor economy.

It will be a Centre of Opportunity for young people and their families at a time when many other facilities are closing and public sector services are diminishing. It will bring people together and make an outstanding and lasting difference to local people’s lives.


Our aims will be to:

  • Raise educational attainment and tackle inequalities including standards in maths, English and IT, by increasing levels of confidence and motivation and inspiring success.
  • Increase skills and employment opportunities by connecting people to the world of work by helping them to develop personal and social skills, improving employability skills by providing real-life learning experiences and offering vocational and technical qualifications.
  • Improve lifestyles by creating happier and healthier families by helping to improve attitudes and behaviours, health and well-being, strengthening family units and enhancing community spirit.
  • Provide more inclusive sport and play opportunities from an early age inspiring greater participation and achievement. The Beacon will improve opportunities for participants as well as standards for coaches and teachers and boost sports retention by providing clear and progressive pathways.


The Beacon will be inspirational, motivating and extraordinary from the moment you enter. The design of the three-storey educational, training and sports facility will also celebrate the history and culture of the area. The centre will comprise of a range of modern, flexible and informal learning zones, which will be technologically and digitally advanced and able to offer a range of experiences to visitors.




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