What is the Beacon?

A Centre for Opportunity in the North East

Foundation of Light has grown over the last decade and a half to become one of the most pioneering organisations in its field with a reputation as an industry leader. Often being paid by results, the organisation has developed to become highly efficient offering outstanding Social Return on Investment across its portfolio of 40 specialist programmes.

Though being in tune with its environment it has continually anticipated the needs of the community, making a substantial impact on lives across the North east in the process.

The Beacon of Light is the next step in Foundation of Light's development, creating an inspirational, vibrant, multi-functional Centre of Opportunity where over 6,000 people per week will access Foundation programmes in zones addressing regional challenges in four areas: Education, Health and Wellbeing; Sport and Play; and World of Work. Through addressing these regional challenges, and working alongside strategic partners, the Beacon of Light will enable the socio-economic revival of the region, generating a social return on investment of £73m in its first 20 years. We believe that this will be a region changer for the people of the North East.


Beacon of Light features:

  • The first of its kind in the UK including engaging and interactive zones in: EducationHealth and WellbeingSport and Play; and World of Work
  • Welcoming over 6,000 people through its doors every week
  • Built over five stories occupying 4.75 hectares, the Beacon will house sports halls, football pitches, flexible informal learning spaces and education suites
  • Located next to both the Sunderland Aquatic Centre and Stadium of Light, it will also be an important catalyst for the wider regeneration of the city.
  • It will generate a saving to the public purse of £73m in the first 20 years



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